About Peculier Ales

Founded in the summer of 2020, Peculier Ales is the first craft brewery in the heart of downtown Windsor, Colorado. Housed in the historic Windsor Mill, you will find an unparalleled experience in our comfortable and family-friendly setting and amazing patio space with fantastic staff dedicated to hospitality and world class beer.

Peculier Ales is committed to brewing a variety of ales, sours, lagers, and plans a barrel-program for both clean and sour beers. Whether you are looking for a pour with friends, or packaged beer to-go, you will not be disappointed.


/pəˈkyo͞olyər/ (adj.)

A Peculier is an ecclesiastical district, parish, chapel or church outside the jurisdiction of the bishop of the diocese in which it is situated.

A brewery in Windsor, Colorado which strives to provide beer that is set apart from the traditionally accepted standards.

Peculier Mark Development

We began with how the name was created, and studied the history of English parishes. We wanted something inspired by the origins, but blasted into the present.

We began with a logotype steeped in European history: Blackletter. This style of type was drawn in manuscripts and used to spread information. We used it as inspiration for this direction.

Honing The Mark

We really wanted to hone in on what could potentially be a “master” mark for the brand to compliment the logotype, but also extend that thinking into the sub-marks for beer styles.

We were also inspired by parish windows and stain-glass patterns.

About Windsor, CO

Founded in 1882, the Town of Windsor is a rapidly developing community located in the heart of Northern Colorado between the mountains and the plains, where open sky meets towering peaks.The Town of Windsor prides itself on its small-town charm, top-rated programs and events, safety and service.

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